Render Farm: How-to Guides

We created short How-to guides to direct you through the process of getting started with our render farm service and how to submit your render job from within your 3D software. On these pages you will find instructions on how to work with RebusFarm. If you want further help or tips and tricks concerning a certain 3D software and/or renderer, check out our software pages where we provide further helpful tutorials and information.

How to sign up?How to sign up?
How to buy RenderPoints?How to buy RenderPoints?
CostCalculator & Cost EstimationCostCalculator & Cost Estimation
How to submit a job to the farm?How to submit a job to the farm?
3ds Max® (Autodesk®)3ds Max job submission
Blender® (Blender Foundation)Blender job submission
Cinema 4D (MAXON®)Cinema 4D job submission
Maya® (Autodesk®)Maya job submission
How to use the ControlCenter?How to use the ControlCenter?
How to use the RebusDrop?How to use the RebusDrop?
3D Feature: ArtWanted3D Feature: ArtWanted
3D Contest: 3D Artist of the Month3D Contest: 3D Artist of the Month