How to use RebusFarm with Rhino

During beta you will get 50% automatic discount on your renderings. If you have any questions or to report any issues, please contact our support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download RebusFarm 2.0

If you are new to our Service, you first need to download and install the RebusFarm 2.0 Software:

Download RebusFarm 2.0 here


Login with your account details

After installing RebusFarm 2.0 you need to login to the RebusDrop Plugin with your RebusFarm User Account login details. You can find the RebusDrop Plugin Symbol in the taskbar on your desktop.


Setup plugins

For rendering a Rhino scene on our farm, the RebusFarm plugins for Rhino and Vray need to be installed. In order to implement the plugins just go to “RebusDrop Preferences”, by using the “Add Application” button. Choose "Rhino" from the dropdown-list and navigate to the installation folder in the following pop-up. Then select "vray" from the dropdown-list and hit the "OK"-button. After that save your preferences by hitting the "Save"-Button.

Now you are ready to render!


Submit a render job

To submit a render job you need to set up your scene like you would for a local rendering. When you are ready to render you just need to open the Rebus Farminizer plugin by typing “Rebus” in the command line and click "Smartcheck". See image below.


Check submission info

Our plugin will check if there is anything in your scene that needs to be adjusted or fixed before sending it to our farm. It can show “Info”, “Warning” and “Error” messages.

"Infos" and "warnings" remind you of settings you might want to check or improve. They will not prevent you from submitting your job. If the Farminizer plugin is showing an "error", you will have to check and fix it. Errors keep you from submitting jobs to the farm cause those will crash on rendering.


The screenshot above shows an example of a missing texture error. Check if the texture is linked correctly and accessible.


Upload a render job

Once you have resolved all errors, you can click “upload” to start submitting the project. Our Farminizer will automatically gather all linked assets (like textures, caches etc.) and start the upload. If you already uploaded the assets with a previous job, our software will skip the already uploaded files. Please note that this only works if the files have not been edited. If you edit a file that was already uploaded, please rename and relink it, otherwise, our Farminizer will throw an error that the file is already in use by another project. You can monitor the upload process in your ControlCenter as shown in the image below.


Autostart render

If “Autostart render” was checked in our Farminizer plugin, the render job will be queued for rendering as soon as the upload is done. Or you can just click the “play” button for that job in your ControlCenter after the upload finished.

start rendering by clicking Play

"Status" displays information about the progress state of a render job. Progress is metered by nodes completing their assigned task, this can be 1 to 5 frames per node.



1. If 1 frame completes on a 10 frame job, the progress bar will move from 0% to 10%.

2. If 1 frame completed on a 1 frame job, the progress bar will directly move to from 0% to 100%.

If your animation has long render times per frame, progress will also take that long until it moves.

Once frames are completed, RebusDrop will begin downloading your output in the background and the ControlCenter will update the information for said frames. There will also be a preview of your frames.

If you click on the orange frame number you can open a log file for some renderers to monitor the progress.

You have additional controls for your jobs in RebusDrop like changing the download destination or deleting a job you no longer need. (Please be careful, deleting a job will immediately remove your output from our server!)